Will not let the stadium in private hands: Surendra Nagar

Fit India is preparing to give private stadium to the speaker. But do not let this happen for the public interest. If the Authority submits the stadium to the private agencies, then the agitation will be done. This was stated by Rajya Sabha MP and President of District Olympic Association Surendra Nagar on Saturday. Opening the front against the authority in support of sports associations in the Press Club located in Sector 29, he said that the stadium is for the common people, where everyone should get the comfort.

The senior leader of the Samajwadi Party, Surendra Nagar said that the stadium is a small thing for those who can donate the heritage of Lal Kila in private hands, but all the governments have worked to beautify the stadium. From here many players have highlighted the city’s name by learning the nuances of the game. At that time, there were sports associations and trainers. There was no private company. I would like to ask the authorities why it is necessary to give the stadium in private hands. There is no answer to this. The state government has a complete hand in privatizing the stadium. Many people including Sushil Rajput, Vivek Anand, UK Bharadwaj, Wazid Ali, Amit Khemka, Suresh Deshwal, Azad Singh were present in the press.


Gives a Better Health Stadium to 20 Thousand People


Surendra Nagar said that every day 20 thousand people come for a walk. The stadium is also important for their better health. If the stadium goes in private hands, free entry will be barred. It will have a direct effect on logo The people who talk about fit India have not taken care of the health of the people. What is this fit India? Should ask them.


Will meet the Chairman of the Authority


Surendra Nagar said that the letter has been written to the Chairman of the Authority to meet on this issue. If he does not call me, then we will perform. The impulsive attitude will teach the lesson to the people who do not have much time left.


Will knock the door of the court


The famous lawyer Amit Khemka said that even if the authority handed over the stadium to any agency, then the court would knock on the door. Where milk will be water.


These questions were asked by the authority


-Noida stadium is public and trust runs, how can it be privatized.


-Where people coming here every day will go for a stroll.


-What will happen to the poor players, Who will be responsible for the increase in fees?


– Blocking the entry of the general public is undemocratic


-The stadium should have fees up to Rs 500-1000. So that people of all classes could play.


– According to the first, the participation of sports associations in the stadium is fixed.

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