The city’s Mermaid threw gold by breaking nine records in two days

Mermaid of the city performed nine new records while performing well in the State Junior Swimming Competition. 15 gold medals had been made by themselves till Sunday The district swimmers are representing Meerut division in the competition. Gold fights with records in seven individual and two relay events in the competition being played in Bareilly. Monday is the last day of the competition. On this day, the city’s swimmers are expected to win many gold medals.

In the various events of State Junior Swimming Competition, Bhandari has given two, new Singhal has two, Tejal Verma has one, Ary Singh has one, Naveen Singhal one, Nihara Sahni has one gold medal with a new record in the individual competition, gold medal jolt. In the two relay events, girls of the district got the gold medal on the old record demolition. Monday is the last day of the competition. In which the city’s female swimmers are expected to win many more gold medals. Thanks to the spectacular performance, it became clear on the second day that the Meerut Division would become the overall champion of the competition. There were several such new records which were earlier named after Noida’s Jalparis. Gautam Budh Nagar Swimming Association secretary Suresh Deshwal told that many records will be broken on the last day. Girls have made us proud by performing brilliantly. We can also perform better in National Sub-Junior and Junior Competitions.


Demolished records in these events:


Disha Bhandari, 50 meters, freestyle, 30 seconds 94 microseconds

-Regarded record: Mehak Sharma-31 seconds 94 microseconds, Meerut


Disha Bhandari, 100-meter Butterfly, 1 minute, 13 seconds, 84 microseconds

Old record: Aliya Singh, one minute, 24 seconds, 34 micro seconds, Meerut


Navya Singhal: 400m Individual Medley, 5 Minutes, 46 Seconds, 56 Micro Seconds

Old record: New Singhal, 5 minutes, 54 seconds, 63 microseconds, Meerut


Navya Singhal: 200m Free Style, 2 Minutes, 25 Seconds, 44 Micro Seconds

Old Record: New Singhal, 2 Minutes, 26 Seconds, 72 Micro Seconds, Meerut


Tejal Verma: 800m Free Style, 11 Minutes, 7 Seconds, 31 Micro Seconds

Old record: Devika Parik, 11 minutes, 10 seconds, Agra


Arya Singh: 100 meters, 100 meters backstroke, one minute 13 seconds, 63 microseconds

Old record: Arushree Vahi, one minute 16 seconds, 53 microseconds, Lucknow


Nihara Sahni: 200 meters freestyle, 2 minutes 33 seconds, 74 microseconds

Old record: Mehak Sharma, 2 minutes, 36 seconds, Meerut


Relay competition:

4x100m Free Style: 4 Minutes, 54 secs, 69 Micro Seconds

Old Record: 4 minutes, 59 seconds, Meerut


4x100m Freestyle, Group 2, 5 Minutes, 52 Seconds, 28 Micro Seconds

Old Record: 5 minutes, 57 seconds, Meerut

In addition to winning gold with a new record, Ananya Singh scored 100 meters back and 200-meter individual gold medal in the medal. Arya Singh scored a 200 meter back, Tejal gold medal in 200 meters Butterfly. Apart from this, there are also two gold medal relay events.

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