Shriram Academy beat SRCA by two wickets in the exciting encounter

In the first innings, the advantage of 169 runs on SRCA got the benefit of Shri Ram Academy. In the two-day match, the Academy defeated SRCA by two wickets. The match played on the Giant International School ground in the Tigri Goalchakkar was extremely exciting. Shriram Academy made the match with his help in the best 85 runs of light.


In the first innings, SRCA scored 145 runs. In reply, Shriram Academy took 314 runs and took 169 runs to a good start. In the second innings, SRCA scored well and scored 371 runs. In this Yuvraj Singh scored 62 runs with a 61-run knock from Harsh Rawat. On the other hand, Ankit Yadav scored 48 and Sachin Bhati scored 38 runs. Sriram Academy’s Prakash Kumar, Mohammad Arif, and Ram Prakash jammed 3-3 wickets. In the second innings, Shriram Academy got the target of 202 runs to win. The team which got eight wickets lost. In this win, the quick-hitting innings of 85 runs in 55 balls of Ramprakash played an important role. Sumit Gupta (46), Prakash (13), Mohammad Araf (30), Thaich Chauhan (20) and Armaan (13) Although the bowlers of SRCA bowled well, but could not win the team. SRCA Sachin Bhati, Yuvraj Singh thrashed three or three wickets Ram Prakash Man of the match was selected.

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