IPL is a different world: Shivam Mavi


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a different world of cricket. Where is the opportunity to play with experienced players from home and abroad. With this new cricketer like me learn a lot. For me, the first IPL is full of positive aspects. Kolkata Knight Riders fast bowler Shivam Mavi said about the IPL. He shared interesting stories of more than a month spent in this tournament in a special conversation with KR Ratna. He hit 5 wickets in nine matches

Sector-52 resident Shivam Mavi told that there is enough of every new cricketer in the IPL. The most important aspect is to play with experienced cricketers. Which helped me a lot. It is good to meet Dhoni They also told me many nuances Bhubaneswar Kumar also helped me a lot. Shivam explains that I believe in hard work. If you work hard, then your performance is enhanced. Any cricketer wants to play for Team India (Senior) This is my dream too.


There is pressure on every ball here

Shivam Mavi explains that if you put a good ball in the IPL, then the pressure to add another ball is also good, because here a slight mistake means that the ball is out of the boundary line. Its direct impact falls on the performance of the team. In such a situation, strategy has to be made before throwing every ball.


149.86 km per hour

Shivam threw the fastest ball of his career at the pace of 149.86 km per hour in IPL. He has put two balls so far at a speed of 149 kilometers per hour. Earlier, he bowled the ball at the World Cup under-19 at a speed of 146 km. He has also influenced his speed and swing.


Unable to play match due to injury in finger

Due to injury in the right hand finger, he could not play 4-5 matches. After this he was fielded by the team of Kolkata Knight Riders. In the third match of the IPL, he gave KKR place in the team. He impressed that match. Before the injury, he was part of the team in each match. Even after recovering from injury, he got a place in the team.


Captain Lee learned from Dhoni

The captain of Chennai Super Kings and famous captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who is known as Captain Cool, talked about the nuances of the game. He had also dug a match with his bowling. After the match, Shivam met Dhoni and talked about the game for 15 minutes. Shivam explains that he told me better bowling and advised hard work.


Fashioned too

Shivam explains that there is a lot of fashion in the IPL too. Cricketer keeps the hair in different ways. So that people get their eyesight. I also had to make the hair a lot smaller in the last match. Many players, including Russell, Hardik Pandya, constantly make changes in their hair. That’s why they are discussed.


If the catches do not go, then the more wickets

Shivam of Noida explains that in IPL matches, 5 catches on my ball, otherwise I would get more wickets. The discarded bowler gets disappointed with the bowler. Many times the bowling of new cricketers is also affected, but I am not frustrated with it. I will continue to perform better in the future also. If I did not miss the ball in the last match or the dice of the match could also be overturned.


After party

Usually after the game every night there is a party. Which includes all players including team management. It involves all the people associated with the team. Interaction also occurs during this period. The strategy related to the match is not created during this time. During this time, people just attach to the party. After the defeat of the match, there is a little strategy on the ground. During that time it is advisable to learn from mistakes.

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